Way to go Memphis!! not really.

Monday, April 07, 2008

So, the championship game finished a while ago and I still can't believe what's happened. Honestly, you had the game in your hands Memphis, but you let it go. Now it's not fair to put the blame squarely on one thing or person, but I will. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Chris Douglas-Roberts
The 21 year old guard and true leader of the Memphis Tigers with an excerpt of the constitution tattooed on his right arm who could have ended the game in regulation if he had only made those two free throws. Honestly, here's a guy who just two days ago tore it up against UCLA and has been doing so all year but couldn't sink two shots to end the game. Way to choke buddy. You'll never get another shot to win a national championship.

Ok ok ok, so it's not fair to blame it all on him so let's blame it on that Derrick Rose three/two pointer. It was a beautiful shot by Memphis rumplestiltskin which gave the Tigers the lead, but because his left foot was infront of the three point line the stupid officials deemed it as a two pointer. You know what I think? I think it was those two white refs...the black one said it was a three, the other two said it wasn't...honestly, what do white people know about basketball?? Nothing that's what, so shut up Dick Vitale.

Still Derrick Rose didn't do crap until the second half, prior to the game starting they made a big deal about how he had the runs on sunday and wether he would play today or not. Let that be a lesson to everyone about the horrors of the "tex-mex" crap-for-food in San's gonna give you the runs, and you WILL lose the national championship due to the uncomfort and loss of speed which is caused by the quivery colon that comes as a side effect of mixing pineapple and red chiles with ground beef and chives or whatever the crap they serve in those restaurants along the riverwalk. Derrick Rose should have not eaten there and should have done what the rest of us do and just take pictures on the "Selena" bridge.

So in summary, Kansas sucks. Schools can only be good in either football or basketball not both of them. Who do these guys think they are? Florida? On the plus side their football coach IS the world's smartest walrus and Todd Reesing is from Texas so I guess it's not all bad....still what the crap does "Rock Chalk Jay-Hawk" mean??? Leave it to white people to come up with the lamest crap. In all I'm glad basketball season is finally over and we can move on to the truly important sport, Football! Would have been nice if C-USA took home the title though....guess that won't be happening, Ever.