Things I hate, Things I don't

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hate: People who omit the H sound from words that start with H such as..."Youman" or "Youmor" or "Youston".

Don't: People who add "er" to the end of words that end in O such as "Potater" or "Tomater"

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

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LEGO Bowser

Somebody Help Me.

I have a confession to make....
....I'm addicted to Gran Turismo 4. That's right, Gran Turismo, one of the game series' I've critizised the most.

It all started like this, for some reason I felt like playing a racing game, all of my racing games are on the Xbox and it, of course is broken. For about a week I kept fighting the urge to race, until finally on a trip to Best Buy I broke down and decided to get one...I went over to the Greatest Hits section and saw Gran Turismo 4 and Midnight Club 3. I already have Midnight Club 3, so of course I figured "eh, what the crap" and picked it up and went on my way home.

I popped it in and at first what I expected to happen happen. I was bored, I was frustrated, I turned that crap off......then turned it back on. I drove around my '83 Civic, very poorly and constantly finished last, I got frustrated and turned that crap off.....then turned it back on. I couldn't get it, I sucked at the game, my car is horrible but I couldn't stop playing. I even liked B-Spec mode which is pretty much just watching your car race.

I thought at first, "NAh I just don't have anything else to play" but then Winning Eleven came out...and I've played it for about 2 hours. I just keep popping Gran Turismo 4 back in. Finally, I've come to accept it...I like Gran Turismo, I suck at it...but I like it. There's just something very relaxing, almost entrhalling about driving a 95 Integra around Nurburgring over and over and over again.

I'll play other games...eventually, just lemme master these stupid license tests.