New Nas song!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

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By Tjolo

From his forthcoming album, It's posted on Kanye's blog but I don't really think It's a Kanye beat, doesn't have that soul! The song's called "Be a nigger too" It's pretty good, can't wait for this album to drop!

Download the song here. So What's your take on Nas's new project? Is the title just a gimmick or is he truly trying to get something through to everyone. Upon listening to this song I kinda get the feeling that Nas IS trying to be deep but trying something and actually achieving it are two different things. The flow on this song is ok, the beat is pretty good, the lyrics are superficially deep. It seems as if though Nas is trying to rid the word of its strong negative connotation by telling everyone that they too are "niggas" in the chorus. Overall it's an ok song, I really hope the beats are stronger in the rest of the album and that Nas doesn't try to drill his point in and actually has some fun so we can hear some good stuff, and I quote Nas when he says "Nas what the fans want is Illmatic, Stillmatic" So go on and deliver so you can retake the throne as the top MC in the game.