NFL Draft 08

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ahhhhh smell it! Football season is upon us!!! I love it. As You may know the Draft just ended today and even right now most teams are scrambling to sign undrafted rookies as free agents. Throughout this week you can look forward to me posting a team by team analysis of how each team did in my opinion as well as just some general stuff that jumped to me. Still though I just need to get some things off my here's some little nuggets haha.

  • 8!! That's the number of offensive linemen taken in the first round! 8! Definitely some reaches there.
  • Kansas City FTW!!! Seriously these guys had a pretty awesome draft, Miami as well but not as much as the Chiefs.
  • No WRs in the first round...yup, I guess it really says alot about these bunch of guys. I dunno, It's kinda weird that Alabama's DJ Hall didn't get drafted, I think he should have gotten drafted based solely on this Prothro like catch. Original Prothro Catch here
  • Guess who DID get drafted?? My boy Haruki Nakamura of Cincinnati!! That's right he went to the Ravens as the second to last pick of the 6th round. I don't like who he went with (Bengals fan here) but I do like that he got drafted and has a chance to show what he's made of.
  • Joe Flacco in the First round?!?! Brian Brohm to Green Bay?! What's going on here, a pair of horrible picks...Flacco in the first is a HUGE reach, and Brohm to Green Bay just really has to mess with Rodgers' mind. Also Andre Woodson, Colt Brennan, Erik Ainge and John David Booty did infact get drafted, in the 6th and 5th. The only QB pick I like is Chad Henne in the second to Miami, also San Diego State's Kevin O'Connell to NE in the 3rd.

So there we go, expect alot more analysis this week!!