The World's Tallest Man Made Structure

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

As of TODAY March 20th, 2008 that title belongs to Burj Dubai, or Dubai Tower at over 650m and with a final height of 819 meters to be achieved later this year.
Here's a diagram comparing Burj Dubai to other great structures of our time. What's most amazing is that as imposing and magnificent as Burj Dubai is it will only reign as the world's tallest structure for a small period of time. Yup believe it or not two towers are right on its heels and they will even pass it by a large margin. First we have Al Burj which will be in Dubai as well and whose final height has not been revealed but many suspect it will be around 1200 meters atleast that is its proposed height.

The second of these buildings is the Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir of Kuwait, another booming economy of the middle east. This tower is proposed to be 1001 meters tall which is more than Burj Dubai by close to 200 meters. Still the final height for many of these buildings are kept secret because as soon as one firm shows off a new height the others race to modify their plans to make their building taller. It's amazing really the race for the tallest building, I wonder if these buildings will withstand the test of time....imagine if years from now when we're all gone if those towers will still be standing.