Stream of Consciousness #1

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't know this summer has been weird, after months of feeling trapped or constrained in school and complaining about it nonstop until a week ago when vacations started, I am now dreadfully bored. I think I need the structure. It's sad to say but I feel like not being told or instructed to do something leads to me being completely and utterly useless. I dunno maybe I'm overreacting. I am overreacting. It's no big deal really, I'll get over it...I dunno it kinda reminds me of One Day in the Life Of Ivan Denisovich maybe I've become used to life in the labor camp and anything outside of doing my job just terrifies the crap out of me. I mean what's the big deal anyway? Do I really need to be doing something? Yeah I do. I mean what's Frodo without the quest to destroy the one ring? Some lame little piece of crap Hobbit that's what he is. What's Mario without his constant quests for that floozy Daisy? Just some plumber....and what's Mario without being a plumber? Some Italian guy with incredibly jumping skills. Jumping Skills. That's what defines Mario I guess. You know what's cool? Luigi's jump. How he kicks the air and stay up there for a few extra doesn't work in real life, believe me I know. It amazes me how young videogames are, I mean the oldest characters are like around my age, Mega Man was born the same year I was...and half of the middle school kids today have no idea what a Mega Man is. Did I just say Mega Man was born? That's a pretty weird thing to say about a sequence of bits. Dial up sucks, I could do so much more stuff if I had a fast connection, but I don't so see you later.