Air Yeezy colors

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So After seeing Kanye West on Ellen sporting a Tan version of the Air Yeezy I decided to look on the tubes and see what other colors have been spotted around, what I found was pretty cool.
First off here are the Tan ones, which I'm pretty sure were the ones on the show. These shoes are pretty sweet and I would definitely wear those.
Up next is the "original" color, or what we saw him wear during the Glow in the Dark Tour, up close they look very very cool, and unique for a Nike shoe.Here's the black plain version...I dunno, maybe it's the quality of the picture but these don't look very good at all. With the design of the shoe itself I think you need more of an accent in certain areas that this color just doesn't provide.
These last ones have a whole Marty McFly thing going on, and I LIKE IT.

So there you go, as of right now there seems to be four diffenret color schemes to the Air Yeezys. Can't wait till these bad boys show up in stores.