Beijing 2008: Opening Ceremony

Saturday, August 09, 2008

AMAZING! Seriously hats off to Beijing and all of China they had an AMAZING opening ceremony. The massive and flawless choreography of the whole thing had me in awe. The Block wave scene was especially awesome as well as the tai chi sequence, overall though it was simply incredible. The parade of athletes was pretty weird though I dunno in what sort of order they were, but the women who were in front of the nations were simply STUNNING! You know the ones in Red, really really pretty. Another thing I liked about the parade of athletes was the mariachi music that would come on every once in a while, viva mexico!! we're everywhere haha. The US has an impressive 600+ athlete delgation, but some of those guys(especially the basketball players) were just walking around like if they were doing nothing special. Show some pride!! Come on! You're at the friggin' olympics representing your country!! Seriously after that display if you guys don't win a gold medal you deserve to be exiled from the country or something....

The final flame lighting was impressive, Li Ning ran around the edge of the top of the stadium as a virtual scroll of paper unfurled infront of him finally ending in front the huge impressive flame cauldron where he stopped running and lit a little thing that ran the flame from where he was coiling up to light the huge impressive cauldron....oddly enough I can't find a picture of it online, well you've seen it anyway unless if you live under a rock that is...and if you live under a rock I highly doubt you'd have internet access.