see-thru laptops! + spring break update

Thursday, March 27, 2008

see-thru laptops!, originally uploaded by kap4001.

This really cool picture makes my head hurt, haha

Soooo spring break pretty chill, nothing big just staying up late and sleeping in. It's pretty cool how it took less than a week to break the conditioning I had; by tuesday I was already waking up at 10 AM and going to sleep at 1 AM. I still need to clean my room and will probably do that later on tonight and tomorrow, on the plus side I did buy this cool little shelf thing to hold my DVDs.Note the trail mix on the adjacent shelf, and the two Dreamcasts on the floor...they were on the floor because I was cleaning them, ha. Also pay no attention to the sorting of the movies or lack thereof, because there is! They're by genres and by a little factor which I call the "RNMWC" or Rod Nunez Movie Watchability Constant" if anyone has an interest in the process behind calculating this constant please go ahead and contact me.

Anyway, this spring break has also been good when it comes to video games. For the first time in a looooong time I've been able to play for a bit, mostly Smash Bros which is pretty cool for the most part. I have a bit of a problem with subspace emissary, for one why? why do I need to do this? It seems like Sora was just trying to make this game more than what it is, it's a cool multiplayer centric chaotic brawler....and that's why it's big, don't do anymore with it. Still the little movies between chapters are pretty cool makes it almost worthwhile. So yeah, I've also been playing Patapon which is pretty simple and not as addicting as it was made out to be by some people but the little Patapon chants do get stuck in your head. On the DS front Advance Wars: Days of Ruin has been taking up most of my time, I'm stuck in one of the missions so screw it, I set it aside for a bit.

That's it for the mid spring break report, I'll be back soon I'm working on some more funny stuff for the blog, also check out the thingy on the right which will show you what I'm checking out on Google Reader....alright then see ya around.