Ask Madden! (Madden answer relationship questions)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Dear Mr. Madden,

My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving in together I'm afraid that it might be too soon. We've been together for 8 months what do you suggest?

Debbie Brewster, Toledo Ohio.”

You know a lot of times when you have a guy like Dre Bly you forget how good he is. A lot of guys say that a cornerback is just a receiver who can't catch, but lemme tell you that's just not true in the NFL. Here you have a guy who can run as fast as any receiver, can run the routes, is just as tough and rough, and he can hit ya. He could play on the other side if he wanted but no one's gonna move him from there because he's just too good when you throw the ball his way he’s gonna knock it down and the receiver can’t catch it when it’s on the ground.

”Mr. Madden,

I’m seeing this girl we; haven’t been intimate yet but my friends say that she’s been around if you know what I mean. What’s the most sensitive way to ask her to take an AIDS test?

D. Finch –Boise, Idaho.”

On the offensive line you got 5 basic guys. You have your Center, your Right Guard, your Left Guard, your Right Tackle, your Left Tackle. That’s it. Sometimes you have the Tight End in there but not really, it’s those 5 guys. Now these guys are the biggest guys on the field, there’s no one else out there bigger than them that makes them the biggest. If you want to move them you’re gonna have to come at them fast and hard which is why the defensive line guys are usually the second biggest guys there. Next comes the Linebackers and Tight ends, Receivers can be pretty big too, but it’s always the offensive line guys that are the biggest.

”Dear Madden,

I can never get my husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, it’s really annoying walking into the room and finding dirty stinky clothes scattered everywhere. I’ve already tried asking him nicely and moving the hamper somewhere in plain sight but nothing seems to work I’m desperate here!

Michelle A. –Gallup, New Mexico.”

There’s certain behavior that just can’t be accepted in the locker room. When you have a guy who’s being disruptive and rowdy it can just go against everything you as a coach are trying to do. Here’s what you do next time he does that. As he’s sleeping put a large piece of duct tape on his groin area and with a marker make sure to write “Clothes in hamper!” on it. When he wakes up, he’ll have to take it off, as soon he does--BOOM--you’ll have some torn off pubic hair and with any luck foreskin; he’ll never again forget to put his clothes in the hamper.