The Future of Gaming (in 1981)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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This is just pretty awesome, I dunno exactly what book or magazine this is from but it's pretty spot on. Handheld gaming, sport games, recreating wars, long distance multiplayer, and more than two players (MMORPGS) the only one that was a lil' bit off was the Gaming Cubicle but there are some pretty fancy arcade cabinets out there. I will now go on record and make a prediction about how games will be in 20 years....Smell will be an integral part of gaming, and games will receive low review ratings for not generating accurate smells, not only that but handheld games will be twice as powerful as consoles, Miyamoto will be cryogenicaly frozen. Nintendo will still be doomed, and Sony will release yet another failed storage medium while the newest iPod is the best selling gaming device.