Found this when I was cleaning

Monday, June 08, 2009

What you see above is a little graphic I made for a poster promoting myself and my girlfriend at the time showing off the "celebrity endorsements" we had for our Homecoming King and Queen campaign...The celebrity choices really cracked me up and as from Left to Right:

  • Roseanne Barr
  • Judge Judy
  • Magic Johnson
  • Jessica Simpson
  • The Dell Guy
  • Bill Cosby
  • Mother Teresa
  • David Hasselhoff
  • John McCain
  • Martha Stewart
  • Gilbert Gottfried
  • Gary Coleman
With such a star studded lineup of endorsements it's amazing we didn't win! Haha Four years really go by fast. It's like I predicted John McCain was gonna blow up....the Gilbert Gottfried popularity prediction didn't pan out though.